Monitor Wind Vane -Complete Kit

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Monitor Wind Vane -Complete Kit
Capt Tim
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Monitor Wind Vane
Serial Number 72721106
Installed on Lake Erie winter of 2006-2007. On fresh water May ? Sept 2007. On in salt water October 2007- July 2009. In storage building July 2009- May 2013. On boat in salt water May 2013 until present. Total number of actual sailing hours with unit steering ?approx 10.
Only known damage / defect is small dent on horizontal tube ( starboard aft corner) from hitting lock wall. The dent photo is a 200 X blow up. Dent is not a functional problem and is hard to see ? but visible on photo.
Includes entire Monitor ssembly; Printed manual; parts guide; DVD Scanmar spare parts kit; Wheel adapter . Two wind blades ;. Heavy weather one never used. This entire kit will cost approx. $5000 new few Scanmar. The photos are all taken in April or May 2014. Lines are not provided
Currently located on boat in Grenada and bound for Trinidad. Installed on Lafitte 44. Tubes are long and good chance that they can be cut for fitting on different boat.
Being sold because we have changed plans and have decided to not cross Pacific. Will be removed from boat when we get to Trinidad. I will bring the unit back to the USA on June 10th. I will ship to your address with by June 20th.
Pay pal accepted. Price $2500 plus shipping from ZiP code 84060 (Utah). If you bought a new one , you would pay to ship from the West Coast so shipping should be close to a wash. To get this back from Trinidad on the Plane , I will have the unit divided into 2 packages with an estimated total weight of 85 pounds.
The unit is for sale locally and is subject to prior sale. Once the $2500 is paid, obviously local sale stops and I will contact you between June 11 -13 to determine final shipping cost and get the shipping paid for. While this is not an eBay sale, you can check my eBay score as ?Captim0_9?. Phone Grenada 473 417 6012 or email
, Glad to provide more photos and/or answer questions.
If you want shipped from Grenada or Trinidad - I will accommodate request- but I make no promises about possible duties or the shipping cost.

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