BE SAFE! Digital Yacht Smarterchart SC500A GPS Chartplotter with AIS

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BE SAFE! Digital Yacht Smarterchart SC500A GPS Chartplotter with AIS
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DIGITAL YACHT Smarterchart SC500A Chartplotter with AIS (GPS Chart Plotter with AIS and Sounder Options)
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Digital Yacht SmarterChart SC500A
The SmarterChart 500 AIS Combo from Digital Yacht is the world's first 5" chart plotter to feature a built-in AIS receiver. Coupled with an internal 50 channel GPS receiver, it effortlessly plots your position on the electronic chart and overlays all AIS targets within 20 miles of your boat.
Sharing the same 5" sunlight viewable 320 x 240 pixel (65,000 Colour) LCD display as the other Smarter Chart 500 plotters, it is fully compatible with C-Map MAX electronic charts, providing unprecedented value and detail. Supporting advanced features such as free downloadable weather overlays and forecasts, 3D perspective view, photos, tidal heights and currents, as well as the powerful Guardian Alarm which checks your route for potential charted dangers.
AIS target range, like VHF range is dependent upon a number of installation factors such as; antenna gain, antenna height and size of ground plane. Ranges in excess of 20 miles should be possible if all of these factors are perfect.
* World's First 5" Chart Plotter with built-in AIS
* Full C-Map MAX chart compatibility (single C-Card slot)
* Ultra fast chart redraw, pan and zooming
* Can be connected to 12v or 24v DC supply
* IP56 rated water resistant 320 x 240 pixel sunlight viewable LCD
* Worldwide built in electronic charts showing C-Map detail down to a level of two nautical miles.
* High sensitivity, dual channel AIS receiver - BNC connector for antenna
* 50 Channel internal GPS (external GPS available as option)
* Flush, bracket and helm pod mounting options
* Fully compatible with C-Map PC Planner and User Cards
* Requires connection to existing VHF/AIS antenna
RETAIL: $799.00
(You?ll have to get a new mount piece; this one was inadvertently left on the boat, sorry)
Nam027 Central America and Caribbean
Nam022 USA East Coast and Bahamas
Dynamic NavAids include detailed information on navigational aids, including name, color, information on frequency, range of the light, etc.
Dynamic tides and currents predict the time, level, direction and strength of currents and tides.
Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use this feature as an added backup to alert you if you head toward a potentially harmful object.
Photos and diagrams in high-definition of ports, marinas and significant navigational marks will help you to familiarize yourself with new destinations and passages.
Route-check is an extension of Guardian Alarm, helping keep you safe by indicating obstacles along the segments between waypoints.
Depths and land elevation show the usual depth information and the colors make it easy to distinguish different water depths and land elevations.
Detailed harbor charts so docking in unfamiliar ports is no problem. You have precise layouts of thousands of marinas, including slip spaces, restricted areas and other valuable navigation information.
Perspective view gives a bird's-eye view of your navigation area, it tilts the chart view to a 45-degree angle.
C-Marina Port Database has details on more marinas than other charts on the market. Displays harbor hours, harbor master contact info, nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more.
Points of interest (
PO Is) and road mapping helps whether you're looking for a restaurant or museum, you can find it in our extensive database of local services and cultural highlights.
Turn your PC into a virtual chart plotter, while using your actual C-MAP by Jeppesen electronic chart in the process. Now use PC-Planner to access all of the functions normally found in your chart plotter. With PC-Planner you can view actual chart data, create and change routes, accurately measure distances, and add and edit waypoints and marks.
Easily transfer your trip plans to a C-MAP by Jeppesen Memory Card, plug it into your chart plotter, and load your routes on the spot. This means can get on your boat; turn on your chart plotter; load your trip data; turn on your engine and you're off.
Use the actual C-MAP by Jeppesen chart you use in your chart plotter and your PC will mirror the detail you see onboard your boat. Access all the planning data that C-MAP charts offer, including:
Coastal Navigation Data
Depth Contour Data
Spot Soundings
Port Information
Marina Information
Tide Data
RETAIL: $149.95
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