Olympus OM Zuiko Auto-Zoom 35-80mm f/2.8 (rare, LNIB)

almost 5 years ago
Olympus OM Zuiko Auto-Zoom 35-80mm f/2.8 (rare, LNIB)
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Putting this up for sale on behalf of a local friend of mine.He had bought it brand new a few years ago from the local Olympus dealer, and all this time it was used maybe once or twice(too many others to choose from). So this is rare opportunity to own a lens like this which is almost new. As expected, it comes with all the original accessories and documents.
I had a lens like this as well in the past, and I can confirm that the drawing is really wonderful, and the performance is fantastic (especially on something like an A7R and possibly on a 5DS) and it handles great, being not that heavy for a 2.8 zoom, and with a focus throw that is relatively short, but precise.
Asking price is 1200€ plus costs.PayPal is of course accepted (with fees on the buyer).Shipping is worldwide, but with preference for the EU.
Please PM me for further details (happy to send more pictures if needed, etc.) and thanks for checking.