Nashville speed picking lessons

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Nashville speed picking lessons
Ron Hogan
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Nashville, TN, usa

Speed Pockets Lesson 1
E9th speed picking-Nashville style
By Ron Hogan
$30.00 plus $2.00 shipping
PM or email me.
Included are two separate lessons on E9th, each on the pockets to play over a one chord. Each one is a speed picking lick as used by many Nashville players.
These lessons are the same as a student would take one on one with me in Nashville.
They teach the patterns that can be used over many songs.
Each phrase can be knitted together to use with all types of songs and various chord structures.
We have included the:
Noted tablature
Actual samples of the licks played over a rhythm track at full speed.
One lick is a descending lick.
The second lick is an ascending.
Three rhythm tracks, each at different speeds allowing you to practice building your muscle memory.
Eight files included.
Plus, a bonus track of a useful E9th slow lick from a one chord to a four chord.
The E9th tuning used is what every player uses.
A, B & C pedals plus the knee lever that lowers your second string a half tone.
Sample Lick:
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