YZ125 SuperMoto, Plated, Current reg

24 days ago
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This is exactly what is says it is.
A 1999 YZ125, two stroke MX bike with a street reg, set up as a supermoto.
I have the 19" and 21" wheels also, so it can be used as a dirt bike or dual sport too.
A bit of history:
The bike was first registered in CA in 2001 and at that time it was dual registered and given both an OHV reg and a street title.
The street title was non-op'd at that time and the bike was run on its green sticker.
When I bought it in 2012 we flipped that around.
We activated the street reg and non-op'd the green sticker and that's how it is now.
This is a bulletproof, grandfathered DMV reg that won't get pulled.
The bike has a baja kit and an Electrex generator.
The lights, horn, blinks, etc. all work, but are enduro grade, so don't expect to see far in the dark!
The engine is fresh and has been well looked after by a lifelong 2-stroke afficionado.
Bottom end has ~40 hours on it, piston has ~10.
The 17" wheels are Excel / Talon (really nice billet hubs), the 21+19 are standard Yamaha.
Anyway, there you have it.
Asking $2,250. I pay the standard 1% vig to barf on sale.
Call me on 408 858 8385 with any questions.
No trades, thanks.