Sony a7R with Sony-Zeiss 24-70mm f4 FE for sale

over 4 years ago
Sony a7R with Sony-Zeiss 24-70mm f4 FE for sale
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FL, United States

This setup is in very good/excellent condition and takes great images; body and lens for US $1650 via PayPal.
I estimate shutter clicks at 30,000. Original charging plug/converter and USB charging cord, one battery, camera opening cap, boxes, lens cap, lens pouch, rear lens cover, = all in excellent condition and included.
I will pay PayPal fees, please chip in $10 toward shipping in US for total $1660.
If non-US, you pay shipping as it obviously becomes more expensive.
Camera works great, I need an a7Rii w/ IBIS because I'm older and just a little shaky in R hand sometimes.
There is a small polishing off of black finish (NOT scratching) from rubbing against camera bag on L upper corners of body (see photo); trivial, but I am honest! Also a small iridescent smudge in the finish on L edge of LCD screen, I'm guessing from repeated contact w/ sunscreen on my nose/cheek as I am a nature photographer. It is mostly on an inactive edge part of the display's surface, a couple thin translucent iridescent lines extend about 1/3" onto actual viewing area. The surface is completely smooth, not marred. The LCD screen and EVF work just great. Neither of these minor cosmetic blemishes have ever affected my shooting in any way. They are why I grade the body as very good; function is excellent. 24-70mm is excellent.
Note minor rub-off of black finish on upper corners of body in this photo. Silvery-grey magnesium alloy minimally revealed. Don't think it's gonna rust though!
The light dots at 4 and 6 o'clock on the edges of all control wheels are lighting artifacts. I guess I'm not much of a product photographer. This setup HAS gotten me great nature shots though!
Note the vague smudge on L edge of LCD, as described in text. The dark circle across R lower 1/3 of LCD is me looming over to take shot. (Guess I'll stick to nature photography!)