5- and 6-speed Nardi Teardrops

3 months ago
5- and 6-speed Nardi Teardrops
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Back in January, I sold a couple of these at such sweet prices, I decided to sell the Teardrops right out of my own Miatas too ... big mistake!
I've spent the last six months hunting for replacements. Found a few 6-speeders, including one that was too nice to use. Then a 5-speeder that I used for a while. Recently landed two keepers - a grid-free Teardrop for my BRG, and a mint 5-speeder for my 95M.
So with those secured, it's time to let go of my earlier acquisitions. In order, they are:
- a 6-speeder that has the richest color that I've ever seen. It's so glossy dark, it's the closest you'll find to NIB without the box itself. $225
- a 5-speeder, which is just about unobtainium since both the 00 and 01 Special Edition MTs were all 6-speed. Paint on top of the grid has worn off, but the underlying grid itself is still intact. $175
- a very nice 6-speeder, with wonderful, warm woodgrain and beautiful gloss. $150
- a well-used 6-speeder with the grid worn off and some roughness to the finish. $125
Add $8 for box shipping, and another $10 on top of that if you want extra shipping insurance - will leave that choice to you.
If you're not familiar with the Nardi Teardrops, they were ONLY available on the 2000SE, 2001SE, and as a rare dealer package/accessory.
These weighted knobs have exceptional feel and heft - very different than the lightweight Nardi Evolution knob offered on NAs. (Will fit on any generation Miata, of course.)
Also, unlike the aftermarket Nardi Prestige, these are a perfect fit with no set screw. Fit on each is extremely snug - no movement, no rattles, excellent feel.
Simply the best OEM knob ever put in a Miata - all of the m.netters who bought my prior Teardrops are VERY happy, and I don't have any more hidden away, so don't miss these!