BP6D (VVT) Part Out (Maruha, Supertech, K1, ATI,...)

22 days ago
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Goshen, Indiana

I had a spare BP6D head rebuilt early 2019 and installed it on a BP6D bottom end.
Made a critical mistake while tuning VVT, causing valve-to-piston contact.
All pistons, 4 valves, and 1 rod were not reusable, but everything else cleaned up and is in great shape.
Also other spares that I have no use for.
All parts have ~200 miles on them unless otherwise specified.
Essentially new.
Some parts showing more mileage were reused after the BP6D swap in 2016 ~3k miles (1/3 of those HPDE) on these.
Shipped/picked up from 46528, as specified (Goshen, IN, 20 miles east of South Bend).
BP6D cylinder head, stock, complete w/ valvetrain, 106k, not pictured but can include NA6 ECU CLT sensor for ECU and NB2 gauge CLT sensor
$250 picked up
ATI 1.8 Super Damper + 36-2 trigger wheel + OEM crank bolt, key
$440 shipped
[B]Racing Beat `94-`97 4-2-1 header[B]
3k, excellent shape, used w/ TDR heat shield so some discoloration from contact, includes OEM exhaust manifold gasket and donut gasket
$400 picked up
K1 Technologies H-beam rods w/ ARP 2000 hardware + assembly lube for 2nd installation, 1 brand-new rod
$330 shipped
ARP 1.8 head studs + assembly lube for 2nd installation
$95 shipped