Ducktail spoiler

6 months ago
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San Jose, CA

Hello Folks,
I purchased a ducktail spoiler for my 2018 GT under the assumption that it would simply bolt-on.
Sadly, to my surprise, I am cursed with the shark-fin antenna and 2x1" if I remove it.
The ducktail I purchased requires that I remove the shark-fin antenna. At this point, I do not want to source another trunk nor pay a shop to fill the hole, thus, I am selling the spoiler.
The spoiler is an eBay knock off the $500 Rallybacker low ducktail. I paid $250 after taxes and shipping, plus waited nearly 3 weeks for its arrival.
So, here it is at $200 picked in the Bay Area.
It is made of really good quality, so much so that I will be buying one that fits from eBay again.
(once this sells)