2008 Mazda MX5 Sport, 6AT, Silver

about 2 months ago
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Long Beach, CA

I'm absolutely heartbroken to do this, but I don't know if I can hold on to my beloved little Miata.
I'm losing my parking garage and don't want to leave the car on the streets.
So maybe someone else can give her a better home?
2008 Mazda MX-5 Sport
~40,000 miles
Clean title, no collisions
Automatic Transmission with paddle shifters
Exterior Color: Sunlight Silver
Interior Color: Black
I purchased this car CPO from More Mazda in Tempe, AZ in 2011.
At that time, it had just over 22k miles on the odometer.
In that time, I have kept it solely as a second car, for sunny drives on weekends.
The car has never seen rain, snow, or ice.
Since I have owned it, the car has never been raced or abused in any way.
It has been, to the best of my financial ability, been a complete garage queen.
Mechanical Condition:
Although I do not drive it much, I have been quite careful about keeping the car well maintained.
I never drive enough to warrant a change on the basis of mileage, so it receives full synthetic oil changes yearly at the Mazda dealer.
It has received all of its scheduled maintenance as well.
The car has received new OEM brake pads at Huntington Beach Mazda.
To my knowledge, the car is in perfect operating condition.
The car shows quite well and is in very good shape for a road car that has seen just shy of 40,000 miles of use.
Like all NCs, this one has had some paint chips on the nose due to road grit.
I've had them professionally filled by a local technician who uses the DrColorchip system.
The car has been waxed weekly (at a minimum) since 2011.
The headlights remain in quite good shape, because the car has always been parked indoors and under a cover, and because they are topped with LaminX.
The convertible top was replaced with a revised OEM top at More Mazda in Tempe when I purchased the car.
It remains in lovely condition with no rips, tears, stains, or signs of trouble.
The interior is also in good shape with no notable stains or tears.
The protective covering still remains on the passenger side floor mat.
There are two imperfections in the interior that never bothered me, but might annoy a future owner:The OEM stereo does not play compact discs well.
It may just be dirty, but it may also be defective.
The AM/FM radio works fine, and I have never really had an interest in listening to music while driving the Miata.
The passenger side visor droops slightly.
I understand that this is a common issue and can be replaced with an OEM part; I simply never cared enough to pay for the new part.