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over 1 year ago
Benjamin Davidson
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Connecticut, USA

Im the second owner that I am aware of, Ill post the original sale thread below here.
I expanded it from a 3 pedal, 2 knee levers to 4 knee levers.
This was done with genuine GFI parts and instructions.
The Student Model is a pull-release changer, which means lowers are on LKR (lower Es) and RKR (lower 2 and 9). Emmons pedal set up, however this model can be changed over to Day.
Pics posted below, more information available on the GFI website.
Additional Materials:
*U.S. Built (company unknown) detachable pad for the S-10.
*Standard Leg Set @ 26 3/8 inch
*Additional Non-Standard Leg Set (with pedal rods) @23 3/4 inch
*Dunlop 920 steel bar, Dunlop Picks, and a set of S.I.T. E9th Strings.
This has been a great steel to learn on over the summer, only being sold to my upgrade to a Justice Pro-Lite.
GFI Steel: 9.5 of 10 - Cosmetic issue on the pedal bar bracket.
Each pedal has been marked on the underside of the pedal 1A 2B 3C.
Fretboard is marked at frets 3, 5,7, 10, 13, and 15.
Legs marred where the pad clamps on.
9.5 of 10 - Wear as you expect.
Detachable Pad:
9 of 10 - Wear as you expect on the hardware and brackets.
$1300.00 firm for the complete lot, limited to local pickup only.
All conditions of sale are AS IS.
Contact me through the forum PM.
Original Thread:
[url] https://bb.steelguitarforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=329874&highlight=gfi[/url]
Copedent from GFIs website:
[url] http://www.gfimusicalproducts.com/documentation.html#SMCopedent[/url]
*Note: I added an additional pull to F on string 7 via the C pedal