2 Vostoks $100. Scuba Dude SOLD Komandirskie $50

10 months ago
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Honolulu, Hawaii

I have 2 Vostoks I don't wear. A Komandirskie and Scuba Dude. The Komandirskie is a manual wind and the Scuba Dude is automatic. I haven't timed either since I don't wear it and when I do it's only for a day. The Scuba Dude was sent in to try and fix an issue but they couldn't fix it, the minute hand moves when screwing down the crown so setting it to the minute is difficult.
Both are in good shape. Minor scratches on both cases. Minor scratches on Scuba Dude bracelet and clasp. Minor scratch on the Komandirskie. I cant see any scratches on the Scuba Dude but there may be some just to let you know.
The Komandirskie has no box or bracelet. Come with black strap as seen on photo.
The Scuba Dude comes with the bracelet and the Vostok plastic box.
Asking $100 for both. USA shipping included (Scuba Dude is SOLD. Komandirskie $50)
USA sales only at this time